Rosin for your bow, made here in Australia



Rosin coats the hair of the bow, causing it to grip to the string. The bow drags the string, displacing it from it’s position of rest before eventually, tension overcomes the friction and the string slips back. This continuous cycle of of displacement sets up a vibration in the body of the instrument – this then radiates through the air as sound.

Therefore the purpose of rosin is to increase the friction between bow and string. If there were no friction at all, the bow would slide over the string, which in turn would not vibrate and consequently no sound would be produced.

Violin World recognises that rosin is just as important as any other part of a violin and so we choose to produce our own rosin right here in Australia, so as to ensure that we provide the best quality rosin available. Most commercially made rosin is adulterated with linseed oil which actually makes the rosin too sticky and hinders playing, whereas our rosin consists of pure unadulterated rosin from the Larch tree staying true to the tradition of violin rosin.


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