Travelling with Instruments

Travelling can be tough enough at the best of times, but travelling with an instrument can often cause all sorts of extra complications if thorough research is not completed. We at Violin World have put together a little check list to make travelling with an instrument that bit easier for you:

• Getting and using a humidifier. Whilst being transported by aircraft, instruments are subject to abnormal changes in temperature and humidity levels. The use of a humidifier allows for a stable level of temperature and humidity in the instrument and will subsequently prevent any warping due to changes during the flight.

• Pack the case of your instrument with bubble wrap to ensure minimal movement of the instrument in the case.

• Many airlines do not cover instruments for theft or damage, so for peace of mind, it is essential to get your instrument appraised by a professional luthier and subsequently insured. We highly recommend Marsh Insurance for any musical instrument insurance.

• Make sure to research the particular airline’s instrument policies, as often the check in staff and cabin crew aren’t aware of their musical instrument policies. Furthermore each individual airline has particular policies in regards to the size and weight of instruments allowed as carry on luggage, so it is important to be aware of different policies. Below are some links to airline policies on musical instruments:




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